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On An Airplane

Hello world. This blog should have started four months ago, but alas. Instead I waited until I was on an airplane headed back to good ol' Amurika and reflecting upon these past months while enjoying an Oreo Milka Chocolate Bar.
Mostly this was started after a desire to appear that I actually understood how to use GitHub, but clearly I epically failed. So instead, this has become a means for me to reflect upon my past months in Budapest, and to document my current computer science adventures.

I left the USofA in late August to embark upon a computer science adventure in Budapest, Hungary. Beyond all the computering, I got to do a lot of travelling as well. My dad and I were discussing the other day how much we both love maps, so I decided to make a map of all the places I’ve been:
I started in Budapest, but then I jetted over to Geneva, Switzerland to visit a friend from Carleton. I also went to Munich, Germany, and Salzburg Austria for a weekend. With my friend Margaret, I went to Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia. Finally, I went to visit a few recent Carleton grads in Paris, France.

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