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About Me

I’m Holly French, a software engineer working in the Bay Area, currently employed at an early-stage tech startup called Piazza.

While I love computer science and I’m fascinated by all things tech, the tech world is still growing and getting on its feet, so it isn’t very diverse. I’d love to see more women and minorities involved in the tech world. This is part of the reason I currently love Piazza and its mission. Piazza is an online Question and Answer platform for college students, specifically targeted at helping the quieter students get unstuck. As one of the few girls in my computer science classes at Carleton, I was definitely one of those quieter students, so I think Piazza has potential to bring a lot of value to education.

I’m currently working on making our mobile apps better and enjoying interacting with Piazza professors and students regularly.

While I’m not at work, I love reading, playing Bridge (often at Bridge Base Online), watching the San Francisco Ballet, and travelling.

One of my favorite travel experiences was in Hungary. During my college years, I studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary, where I spent four months studying math and computer science at AIT-Budapest. Though beyond the academic experience, I had a lot of fun eating too much food (see my picture), sitting at cafes, going to concerts, doing hackathons, and subway surfing. I later returned to Hungary to work at a fantastic company called Prezi for about a year.

You can contact me by email, follow me on Twitter, or write me a letter or postcard via snail mail (I do love letters!) at:
Holly French
345 Forest Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Also, if you want to play bridge with me, my Bridge Base username is “hollya.” You definitely should!!