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A Week In Lebanon

August 23, 2012

Since I’ve spent the majority of this past year in not-America, I’ve tried to travel to places I’ve never been, now that I’m already out-and-about. I think I’ve covered about eleven countries in the past eleven months, but the country that has made the single biggest impression on me (other than my beloved Hungary) is Lebanon. Definitely Lebanon. I feel like I could write three blog posts worth of material about Lebanon here, but since brevity is the soul of wit, I’ll just try to outline a few observations that stood out to me.


Public Transportation In Budapest (Or, A Weekend Boat Excursion)

July 2, 2012

So about a week ago I made a goal. I feel like I know the public transportation system like the back of my hand now, since I take the metro everyday. I know the names of every single metro stop, and I have the schedules down reasonably well too. However, this has caused a few holes in my education of the city of Budapest. Since I’m always in the metros, despite hearing about all the metro stops from the cool female voice above on the intercom (in Hungarian), I actually know very little of what these metro stop locations look like above ground! So, I made a pact to ride the metros and get off at every stop to look around (even if it’s just for a few minutes) this week.


Dance in Hungary

June 23, 2012

This is sort of a digression from my usual computer-themed postings, but I feel like the amount of time I’ve spent going to dance shows in Hungary merits a blog post. As some of you may know, at one point in my life what I really wanted was to be a professional dancer. Probably fortunately for me (since I don’t think I would have made a great dancer), it didn’t work out, and I ended up going to college, where I discovered the joys of computer science! Nevertheless, dance has always remained really important to me, and I’ve followed dance pretty carefully, even despite quitting. Thus, one of the things I love most about living in a big city is having access to such a wonderful and diverse performing arts scene, so I’ve really been able to experience a lot of art, music, and especially dance in Budapest.


What I Have Learned At Prezi

June 12, 2012

It’s been a few weeks now since I’ve been here in Budapest, so I’ve had a lot of marination time to adjust and acclimate to my new surroundings (well, re-adjust and re-acclimate, I suppose). Though so much of Budapest seems the same since my last visit, the biggest change from my time in Budapest last year is my new job at Prezi.


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