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About This Website

I’ve been meaning to start a website for a while as a means to document my travels and also to keep all my computer science stuff in one place. But, alas. This is happening post facto - after my return from Europe. Instead, I started while my airplane headed home to the states was delayed. I got it up and running on GitHub this week though!

I ended up using Jekyll to do the generating of the pages, which I am excited about. All of it can be found on my Git Repo, and Jekyll lets me test it locally on my computer.

I am not a web designer by any means, and this is my first time doing a blog, so I tried to make this site pretty simple and straightforward. I used the CSS framework, Skeleton, for the general spacing and grid work, and I have found that Skeleton is also very nice at making the page friendly for mobile phones (tested it on my dad’s phone this afternoon). I also found some snazzy icons for external links at The fonts I used are Patua One and Actor. I want to keep fiddling with JavaScript on this site as well - I hope this site will help me improve my web development skills. Additionally, I do hope this website will force me to keep up writing prose, since it was something I genuinely enjoyed doing in high school, but I have devoted considerably less time to it in the past few months.

Lastly, I owe a huge THANK YOU to Andy for helping me with this and pointing me in the right direction to Jekyll and Skeleton and fixing my Git. Let’s see how long it takes you to notice this shoutout, Andy.

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